Time And Words

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How would you like my words?
I have so many of them..
Like a night is starry, so my mind is shinning with words..

Standing on tiptoes, i keep on going through each of them..
Where should i begin?
Wouldn't it take a lifetime?

Time? It flies by me, as i try to catch it, and hold it still..
Sliding smoothly through my fingers,
Just like those raindrops that fell on my hands, one warm rainy day...
Long gone, never to come back, those happy childish years..

I keep looking behind me, but what am i looking for?
So, turn my head, close my eyes, and find the words..

Be good to every living thing... I keep on whispering.....

Sabera Pondor

Sobz a commenté :

Beautifully inspiring. Keep them coming....

Mymomcallmeseth a commenté :

Very deep and unique, but also so close to every common human being 👌

Sabera Pondor a commenté :

@sobz Thank you dear 😘

Sabera Pondor a commenté :

@Mymomcallmeseth Thanks darling 😘😘

zafira a commenté :

the words of thy is like a mirror in the sky few are those who can lift up their head High to see the reflections of their innerside.

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